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Dreams and Dreaming

Just completed a one day workshop with Marcia Weider, America’s ‘Dream Coach’. What a great experience that was! Thought I would share some of the insights I had, from what Marcia said, at the workshop.

First of all, the idea that dreaming is bad – Marcia has spent 30 years teaching people to dream, and to do it well. It is not the dreaming that is bad.

Dreaming without strategy makes it just a fantasy . In other words, it is not enough to dream, not matter how big your dream is, but it is very important to take action – one step, however small- towards it, to make it work. This will open up the resources and the opportunities, that will help you realize your dream.

Most of us spend our lives with one foot firmly planted in ‘Reality’ and the other one in ‘Doubt’. We need to make the shift, and slide our feet so that one foot is now in our ‘Dream’ and the other one is in ‘Reality’, our present state, from which we can take our first action.

This does not mean that Doubt is a bad thing at all. The doubter within is actually the protective instinct, trying to warn us of what could go wrong. It does not help to suppress or ignore this voice, because it will not go away, if we do this. It will get louder if ignored, and if suppressed, it will get soft, and sabotage silently. The only way to deal with doubt is to face it, acknowledge it, and strategise for all the potential problems that it raises.

Some ‘doubts’ are mere beliefs, which are clearly not true (for example, the belief that many people hold, that “I am not worthy”). Then, there are doubts that require strategy to overcome. For example, the idea that there is not enough time. If a person decides to make one hour each day by cutting down on an unnecessary,time-wasting  activity  will get 7 hours a week and 365 hours a year!

Marcia also spoke about Integrity – ie, living your life on purpose. If we do not live our lives doing what is meaningful to us, utilizing our unique gifts, and being of service with those gifts, then we are not living a life of integrity.

When we live a life of integrity and believe in ourselves, dreaming will come easily to us. Dreaming means believing in something, simply because it matters to you.

So, what is your dream? What are the doubts that threaten you? what is the one step you can take, to commit to making your dream a reality?



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Goal Setting

I started off the new year like everybody else.  There were things I needed to do better this year. From prior experience, I knew that just having goals was not good enough. I knew exactly what I needed to do.   Make a plan. Make a plan to plan. Make a plan to review the plan.  Review everyday. Review the week’s activities. Review and revise or modify plans and strategies every 3 months and finally at the end of the year. Put it all down on the calendar. So far, so good.

Now, for the next step. For each goal, what is the one small action I can take each day, that would help me reach my goal, by the end of the year? I had one down for each goal. I had one physical, mental, emotional,and  spiritual  goal and one for my career. Even that I made simple. Exercise, read/write, spend time with kids, meditate, and complete my paperwork on time. For each one of these, I only asked of myself a committment of 10 minutes.  That seemed like an attainable goal.

Well, at the end of one week, here’s what I have accomplished. I set the alarm to wake me up at 7 am. I am still on my holidays and I really don’t need to wake up until noon if I don’t need to. God knows I need the sleep. But I have drawn on all the mental toughness I could, and got out of bed every morning. I have done my 10 minutes and sometimes more of exercise and meditation everyday. I did not write or read a single word some days, and have been stressed out with having to complete everything that I want to achieve that I haven’t really been much company for the kids at all. I did get caught up with the paper-work, although I don’t know how long I can sustain that once I start back at work.

I certainly did no daily reviewing at all – formally, that is. In my mind, I did all the time. I still think I will do it once a week.

What have I learnt? It is important to have a plan, an ultimate goal. It is more important to have an immediate action to take, a small step towards the goal. It is imperative, that  small seemingly harmless temptations be fought – viciously, for they are the ones, that can ruin every good intention.

Sow an act – and you reap a habit. It is important to focus on developing habits that will lead to success in the long run. It is said that it takes 30 days for a new action, if repeated daily, to become a habit. If this is true, then goals should really be set for 2 or 3 month periods, not every new year! This way, one can form one new habit towards a goal each month, and start to see real changes within two or three months.

This reminds me how my grand mother used to consider the first day of every month sacred. Maybe there was a point to that after all!

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