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Stress and Burnout have been the main topic of interest to me recently. In any discussion about stress, I find the reference to gadgets made, usually describing the ‘assault on the senses’, and how to minimize this assault. There are so many reasons described, for recommending that you stay away from those evil screens! I have, however, been very impressed with how these screens have been a huge stress buster.

A few years ago, I travelled to Austin with my daughter, who was then a teenager. On our way back, there was a stopover in New York. For some reason, there was a long delay, in New York. After an hour or more, there came an announcement from the desk at the gate, that there would be a further 2 hours’ delay. It was quite the epiphany for me, when everyone paused for a moment, after the announcement, and then looked back down at whatever they all seemed to be doing on their phones/iPads/laptops! Not a murmur of protest! I automatically thought back to the days in the past, when screaming and shouting was the common response to such announcements! My immediate thought was – Thank God for Steve Jobs! (He was still alive then).

Fast forward to conferences I am at, today. Most of the conference material is sent out electronically, these days. That is a great way to save on paper. Most conference halls have Wifi, and people bring their laptops or other devices. Obviously, some topics are far more interesting than others, some speakers more passionate than others. If you look around, you see almost everyone has their head bent down – staring at their devices. A few actually look up at the speaker or the slides being projected.

In the olden days, if you were speaking and the audience was not making eye contact, you know they hate you, or don’t care for your topic. Now, if they are looking down at their device, you can tell that they are following, while looking at the slides on their devices. How nice! Except, most of them are actually on their social media, or checking out their email messages, or texting, chatting, etc. With a really boring speaker, when they have done all their mail checking and chatting, some people resort to playing games even! But the speaker can so easily be blissfully oblivious, and therefore, not go through the stress or the humiliation of Knowing that they are bored! Well, if that isn’t the best way to reduce stress, for the speaker, I don’t now what is!

As for the audience, I know how hard it is to try and stay awake, if you have to listen to a monotonous speaker. if the topic is nevertheless important, then the stress is greater, and tires you out that much more! Enter, the mobile device. No risk of falling asleep, no worries of getting caught out, no need to leave the room and that much less caffeine consumed!

The electronics are here to stay. We might as well reduce our own stress, by taking advantage of these devices!

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