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Spring Cleaning – All Around

It has been a long time since I posted anything here. Even for a life coach, life can get busy, and for those areas that are not visited often, cobwebs can collect! It is Spring already in many countries, whereas here in Canada, we are still praying for the snowing to stop. but the promise of Spring is there, nevertheless. (“When Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?” – P. B. Shelley).

It is therefore, time to do some Spring Cleaning. As we think of cleaning the physical spaces around us, it would serve us well to stop for a minute, and consider a ‘spring cleaning’ of our lives as well – both at work and at home.

One good method that I once learned, for Spring cleaning is to methodically go through the house, one room at a time, from one corner, all around, and look at or pick up every object there is. Then, to ask oneself: How is this serving me? If there is a reasonable answer in the present tense, then the next thing to do would be to look at the object, to see if it is in good shape, and functioning well. If it is, then we clean the item up, and put it back in place. If the object doesn’t serve us well, or if it is defective in any way, we get rid of it. As we do this, we clean the area as well, and move on to the next.

This method should work well in our lives as well. The different areas of our lives can be compared to the different rooms in the house. In each area, we take a tour of all its aspects. For example, in the Physical realm, we can check out our eating habits, our exercise schedule (or lack of it), our health check-ups, and so on. For each of these, we then can see if what we are doing is serving us well. Any habit that is adding to our health, we keep; anything that doesn’t, we give up. And we also assess what else will be needed, to improve upon what we are doing already, and we make plans to incorporate this into our lives;

On the mental or emotional plane, this will include our thinking habits. Beliefs could be examined. Standing back, it really will help to take a long look at which of our beliefs actually are helping us. Anything that is not enhancing our mental or emotional well being is better replaced with a more useful belief or thought. Anything that works can be reinforced.

The same applies to our financial affairs. If there was no saving habit before, that needs to be started. If there were spending habits that were excessive, those can be changed. the budget for different parts of our lives can be adjusted to match the current situation or the current financial climate – or even new changes to tax rules!

The same principle can be employed at work as well. It helps to go through the office to see what processes we are doing right, and are helping to further our growth, and keep us safe, and what practices are not as helpful. based on the changing needs, and the demands of the job, we may have to replace old behaviours and practices, and put in place new ones.

We will often find that what was good when it was first put in, no longer serves us, and are best let go of.  This may include artefacts or furniture that we have collected, as well as behaviours or beliefs that we developed in response to situations that no longer exist.

If we can learn to do this process on a regular basis, three or four times a year, it will be of immense benefit to our well-being, overall. It is necessary to do this at a very minimum of once each year – and what better time to do it, that early in the Spring, which signifies a new beginning?


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