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Mom, once part of welfare program, becomes ER doctor

Mom, once part of welfare program, becomes ER doctor


Just read the story of Amanda Lamond-Holden, a San Diego mom, who became an ER physician She dropped out of school at the age of 18 when she became pregnant, moved in with her parents, had to go on welfare, and attend community college while working 20 hours a week, all the time working towards her dream of becoming a physician. Along the way, she got married, and had two more children, and has been happy juggling her residency with her family.

It is not everyday that one hears of such determination and will power. It is indeed refreshing to hear of such a great success story.

The report does not tell us of all the stress she has definitely gone through, and all the times she probably wanted to drop it all and run. Ultimately it is the tenacity that won.

The reason this story is so impressive today is that we don’t see such determination very often. We live in a period of instant gratification, and entitlement. People are quick to give up on their dreams at the very first sign of difficulty. Everyone wants the good life, but few are willing to do what it takes. Nor do they have the self-esteem to believe that if they do put in the effort they can achieve a lot more, perhaps!


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