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‘To thine own self be true’

We often hear this advice, which is given as the panacea for all our problems. Teenagers are told, “Just be true to yoursef.” “Do what makes you happy.” Well, after that, there really is not much direction on how you figure out what ‘being true to yourself’ means.
Which ‘self’ does this refer to? For a diabetic, does this refer to the self that says it is better to do the right thing, and stay away from sweets, because it will cause immense problems in the future, or should they listen to self that says, “I need to eat this chocolate becaiuse it really will make me happy right now”?
Or, take the instance of the schoolboy, who has two selves – one self says it is wrong to take drugs, but the other says he would be an outcast amongst the boys, if he didn’t join the fun. What should he do?
What about the businessman who doesn’t know whether to report that extra income he made, or not, because nobody else does it – and he’d be a fool to do so.
Everybody has a higher self and a lower self. The higher self tells them what is the right thing to do. The lower one tempts them with the many worldly reasons and actions.
Ultimately, there are only two motivating factors in this world – love and fear. All the other reasons stem from either one of these.
When making decisions, if we listen to the self that is motivated by love, we can be sure we are doing the right thing, and are being true to our ‘selves’.
Anything else is clearly not being true to yourself.


August 7, 2011 - Posted by | Personal Journey, Psychology, Self Improvement

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