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Maturity and Age

Recently, at a spiritual gathering, a person spoke about how he had, as he grew older, stopped seeing things as black or white, and had started seeing many different shades of grey. He explained, for example, that his opinion about abortion was not so cut and dry any more, whereas when he was younger he definitely had an opinion.

This person was a lot older than me, and I realised that I already saw a lot of shades of grey, and did not see anything at all as black or white. I then started to think of all the people I knew and of all the opinions I had heard them express. I realised that the shades of grey in the mind do not appear along with the grey hairs necessarily! I have seen many people much older than the said gentleman, who still see things very much in black and white, with no grey in between at all. I have seen many younger ones with lots of grey in their outlook and none on their heads!

My conclusion was (and I plan to bring it up at the next meeting) that the grey shades are a sign of maturity, and not just of age. Some people mature early, some with age, others just don’t. Those that  seem to mature are the ones that generally tend to look within and ask questions, who tend to be self-aware to some extent, and who have the humility to learn from their mistakes, and are willing to change.


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