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Your life coach helps you formulate this great affirmation about happiness, that totally resonates with you. You agree to say this affirmation every day. You write it down and keep it by your bedside, and say it first thing in the morning, everyday. After a month of doing this, you feel that this hasn’t really made a great deal of difference in your life. True, you start most days out well, and do manage to keep happy through some days, but it doesn’t always last. In fact, as soon as something goes wrong in your daily life, you find it hard to stay cheerful. You start to complain, or you get angry, and soon you’re not happy any more.

So, how is it that some people swear that affirmations and positive thinking work wonders, while the majority of people either don’t believe in them at all or try them and end up disillusioned? The principle of right thought is that the universe responds to your thought process, and by thinking of what you do want and by setting the intention for that, you can often attract it into your life. The problem with saying the affirmations is that we often say the affirmations in a prescribed manner, at prescribed times – and believe in them, while we say it. Then, after that duty is done, we think we have done what it takes, and can now go back to doing things the old way. Our thought pattern reverts to the old negative, self-doubting, unloving ways. So, the affirmation took a few minutes of the day, while we spent the rest of the day in doubt, anger, discontent, and whatever other negative emotion happened to come by.

It is not enough to just say an affirmation. It is important to believe it as if it is now your truth – it should be with you all through the day. It should replace every negative thought, every doubt, every fear you have around the same topic. Only then can you expect it to manifest in your life.



June 6, 2011 - Posted by | Personal Journey, Psychology, Self Improvement


  1. So true. You have it dead on.


    Comment by Doug Hill | June 6, 2011 | Reply

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