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My Little One

This week, I have been extremely busy, with my new Electronic Medical Records, trying to get the system going, after a delay of many months. So, when I finally did get to read something, and chanced upon this little poem below, I was hit with an emotion so raw, I couldn’t even breathe!

 This is a Yiddish song, sung by a father to his sleeping son. It was written by Morris Rosenfeld in 1897 entitled “Mayn Yingele” and was about the harsh conditions faced by Jewish immigrants in a sweatshop, particularly this father’s estrangement from his family due to the long working hours. A hundred and fourteeen years later, every word still rings true!

I have a son, a little son,
A boy completely fine.
When I see him it seems to me
That all the world is mine.
But seldom, seldom do I see
My child awake and bright;
I only see him when he sleeps;
I’m only home at night.
It’s early when I leave for work;
When I return it’s late.
Unknown to me is my own flesh,
Unknown is my child’s face.
When I come home so wearily
In the darkness after day,
My pale wife exclaims to me:
“You should have seen our child play.”
I stand beside his little bed,
I look and try to hear.
In his dream he moves his lips:
“Why isn’t Papa here?”

In the last few years, I have consciously tried to make time for my family and for myself, taking time off every year religiously. However, every so often, a project like this EMR program comes up that demands more from me and throws me off the track. I can’t wait to finish, so I can get back on track again.

Thankfully, I’m done for the week. For this weekend, I am all theirs, for the most part, anyway. Come Sunday night, it will be back to the computer again!


May 7, 2011 - Posted by | Personal Journey, Psychology, Self Improvement


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  2. This is just one side. Many times the parents are so engrossed in bringing up the children and responsive to their needs that the relationship between the parents never get a chance to develop; happens a lot with Indian families; Indian children in the West are too spoilt !!


    Comment by rad nair | May 14, 2011 | Reply

    • Hmm. I guess the point is that we need to make time for all the important relationships – not just the children. Get all our priorities right, and get a good balance in our lives. Too much attention to any one area, and another will automatically suffer.
      Thanks for your comments.


      Comment by kindlelife | May 15, 2011 | Reply

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