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Facing Reality

Oprah Winfrey was sued by the Texan cattle farmers over her coverage of the Mad Cow disease, many years ago. In order to continue her television shows uninterrupted while facing trial, she had to move her entire television crew to Amarillo, where the trial took place, for the duration of the trial. Dr. Phil McGraw, who was he strategist and travelling with her team at the time, describes (in his book, Life Strategies) one night when, long after the rest of the house was fast asleep, Oprah came down and knocked on his door with tears in her eyes, looking forlorn and dejected. All she could say was, ” I can’t believe this is happening. This is so unfair. Surely this isn’t happening to me. It can’t be real. Why is this happening to me? There has to be some reason for all of this.” Dr. Phil told her, “You’d better wake up, girl, and wake up now. It is really happening. You’d better get over it and get in the game…”Apparently, this jolted her right out of her paralysed state, and into determined action.

Oprah Winfrey, for all her success and outward appearances, is as human as anybody else, and her response isn’t different from what anybody else’s would have been.  Perhaps the most common response when something wrong happens is one of denial – the  ‘this cannot be happening’ syndrome. This is often followed by ” it’s not fair”. Next comes “why me?” If one could stop long enough to think this through, one would realize how horrible it really sounds – implying, ‘why not my neighbour – or somebody else’.

When we spend our time denying something, it becomes impossible to take any kind of positive action against it or to change it. Also, if we are busy resisting a situation, arguing why it should not be happening – we create so much conflict within ourselves, that we lose our ability to think objectively. We cannot find creative ways to overcome the situation. Acknowledgement of the facts, no matter how painful, can bring about a sense of peace, and a stronger resolve, and give one greater strength to work towards change.


March 20, 2011 - Posted by | Personal Journey, Psychology, Self Improvement

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