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I’ve come a full circle! Having grown up in a culture where you are taught not to speak unless spoken to, not beating your own drum, letting the other person discover your abilities, it was difficult to learn to sell the self – or “market” the self, as they call it. I still struggle with it.

One of the first classes I took at ICA was about Listening. I was at first uncomfortable with the silences I heard at these classes. Soon, I came to realise the value in it. The afterthoughts were more insightful than the initial ones, and more revealing – both to the speaker and the listener.

The ego often wanted to jump in and make its opinions heard. It felt bad when somebody else said it first. But then, one day, I decided that I would wait to see if anybody else could come up with the same ideas that I had – and waited. Sure enough, there was somebody else who had the same thought as every one of mine. Now, that was exciting. No longer was it necessary to tell it first. If the idea is to add to the pool of shared ideas, then, it will all come in. No extra points for saying it first. The ego can rest. The world is not going to be lost without me!

While I will still jump in occasionally to offer my comments, I do it more often when I want to learn something from the responses – and this has helped me immensely.


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